How Much Are You Worth Naked?

Take your clothes off.

Look in the mirror.

What’s the price tag on your arm? 

How about one of your eyes?

Or one of your legs? 

What price tag would you put on all three?  After all, you have two of each and you could still live with only one of each.  Thousands of people all over the world manage with only one or none at all.

Think of your body inside – what price tag would you put on your heart, your lungs, your liver and any other good functioning part you own?

How much are you worth naked?  Millions!!!!

So where does the notion arise that you are not worth much? 

In your head – a thought – something you created for whatever reason.  The reason doesn’t matter.  It’s the thought which affects everything you say and do, the way you behave, the way you plan your life, the way you live your life  . . . or not.

How much of the earth’s resources has it taken to create the body you have today, the knowledge you carry in your head and the person you are?  Millions of dollars worth!

Still think you’re not worth much?  How can you when so many have given so much to make you the person you are today?  Your parents gave up material and space, their own money to give you what you needed and wanted.  Teachers.  Doctors.  People working in fields to grow your food.  Workers in factories making your shoes and your clothes.  People building transportation.  Engineers.  Firemen.  Politicians.  People building pipes and pipelines so you can have water to drink and cook your food with.  Thousands and thousands of people have contributed their skill, time, money and energy so you can have the best life possible.  What are you worth?

When it comes to thinking whether or not you’re important, you’re important alright – there’s no doubt about it – except in your own head.  Don’t you find that weird?

A friend of mine took me down to skid row one night after we had had a scrumptious meal and some dancing.  I asked him why he drove to this part of town.  His reply:  he wanted to show me that everyone has value – everyone.  The people on skid row were teachers – teaching me what I didn’t want.  They were teaching me that I had a choice.  The people on skid row have worth, value to our society.  Think about that – the poorest, the most lost have worth to us all in so many ways!  After they make us feel good when we do something to help them – isn’t that a gift too?

You too have a choice – either think well of yourself and your life or think poorly.  Think you’re worthless and useless or  appreciate the abilities and gifts you’ve been given.

Ask someone who is experiencing kidney failure how much your kidney is worth to them or someone whose lungs are failing, how much would they pay, if they could, for a healthy lung.  After all, you have two of those – would you spare one?  Most people wouldn’t.

Next time you’re feeling depressed or discouraged or think you have no value, stand alone, in front of a mirror, naked for a long time.  You’ll be humbled by the sheer magnitude of your value in your head, your soul and your body!  How will you maximize your time on earth?

Lorraine Arams


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