Who's is it anyway?

Is your personal time your own?  Likely you will answer yes – is it really?  How much personal time do you have? 

I don’t mean with your family and friends but with yourself?  Do you ever wonder why some days you feel so frazzled?  Why is that?  Is it because you don’t pay enough attention to yourself?

People say that they think about themselves and what they should be doing and what they should be saying and how they should be behaving – thoughts are just that – thoughts.  But how much time do you give yourself – real caring time just to be?

How much time are you taking just for a walk by yourself in the woods or by the water – just for no reason at all – not exersize, not walking with a friend or for no other reason than to be with yourself? A time out . . . .

How much time to you give yourself every day?  Even 20 minutes? How much time to you give to your family needs, your job, your commute, your friends every day?  Is there a space for you? 

In the next few days, become aware just how much time you give yourself just to be – you’ll be amazed!

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