How Do I Keep Track of My Goal Achieving Process?

steps to goal achievingHow do I keep track of my goals while I’m in the process of achieving them?

It’s a quandary which many people have because, for many, it’s the first time they have taken goal achievement seriously.

As I indicated in my last blog, achieving your goals is a process, often, a very long process.  Some goals may take years to achieve.  At a minimum, larger goals take at least a year to attain.  That’s a long time.

How do you keep track of such a long process?

There are many ways to do it and it’s so very personal.  I would say this:  use whatever makes sense to you.

However, I would say that you do need one essential thing:  a physical way of keeping everything in one place.

For what?  To write everything down – goal descriptions, thoughts, ideas, changes, rewrites, planning, creating, information gathering, notes about conversations you’ve had, names and phone numbers of people you meet or to whom you are referred – so many details – all in one place.

1.  One suggestion is a hard cover journal type book with ruled lines in it.

2.  Some people are technology bound.  That’s fine as long as you have a device in which you can make notes any time, anywhere and preferably use online storage for all the content should you lose your portable device or it is damaged.  You’ll lose so much if, somehow, there is no access to the process you’ve gone through and the information you’ve collected.

3.  You can have a combination of both written and technology.  In that case, I would suggest a binder instead of a hard cover writing book.  You’ll need blank sheets for handwriting and section in which to put copies of your computer generated process.  Some people know how to use project management software, some people love Excel and others like using Photoshop for a pictorial representation of the goal.  Whatever you use, make sure to have copies all in one spot along with the notes you write.

Then . . .

make sure that you write the steps to be taken in your schedule within the time slot you’ve allocated for achieving your goal.  You may know that I am a fan of working on your goals every single day, even it consists of only five minutes.  However, I do suggest that you have time set aside for your goals at least every week – no longer otherwise your goals will be forgotten.  If it’s important to you, you’ll make space for it in your life!

We all take pictures of the trips we’ve taken.  This is one “trip” you build the picture as you go along and you don’t want to miss a minute of it!

Lorraine Arams

I have a free goal setting tool on my site if you don’t have one – check it out – goal setting the time management way!

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