Best Tool to Help You Set Goals Visually

What is the best tool to help you set goals visually?

You might be asking:  “Why would I want to have a visual of my goals in the first place?  Wouldn’t a goal setting system be enough?”

A goal setting system might be enough for some people especially with the added twist that I have put into Missing Link.  However, humans are visual and they like to “see”.  Think of a stop sign.  Do you see in your mind the picture of a stop sign?  Likely.  When you think of your favorite car, do you think in pictures?

What if you could “see” your goals before you get there? Would that help you with the steps outlined in Missing Link? Yes, of course.  Similar to a road trip, if you take out a map and look at the route you will take, it’s far easier to determine the best way to get somewhere than just getting into the car and driving – you’ll likely find some shortcuts and better alternate routes than the ones offered.

And here’s where one of the best tools for “picturing” your goals comes in – mind mapping.  Lots of people think they know mind mapping but in actual fact they try it and get muddled by the process.   There’s nothing like learning from the inventor – the inventor is usually the best person to explain how to use his own invention.  Many have copied his process but few have had the results because he knows how to explain his invention.  Watch this video:

Fascinating, isn’t it? This is truly a great way to help you set those steps I talk about in Missing Link. Once we can see something, it’s so much easier to see what comes next and next and next.

I encourage you to check out this system.  There’s nothing like learning a system from the inventor himself and I guarantee one thing – for most of us, this tool is an incredible way to help us with goal setting and goal achievement.  You’ll also find that this system lends itself to learning a new language, managing time better, developing projects, etc. and your children can use it to study.  It’s such an amazing tool, you’ll be glad you found it!  There are many other versions but this is the real thing!

Check it out – there’s only one decision you’ll make -“It’s for me!  Wow!”

And make sure that you download your complimentary copy of Missing Link at my website:  Combined with this mind mapping technique, you are sure to achieve your goals as you have never done before.  Even if you have never ever been successful before in setting and achieving goals, try Missing Link – you might just like it!  And better yet, your dreams will be realized!  Wow!  Wouldn’t that be fantastic!

Lorraine Arams
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