Is Time Management Static?

Is Time Management Static? 

It would seem so when people talk about time management.  “I adopted this, it works well” 

However, time management needs to be fluid.  No person is a robot.  Everyone’s life changes constantly even when we think it remains the same. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, static of about anyone’s life.  What works well at one point in life may not be so effective under different circumstances.

Ebbs and Tidesthe colors of life

The ebbs and tides of life require adjustments and that’s why so many people get into trouble with managing their time. 

24 hours – that’s all we have – 24 hours – no more, no less, no matter what circumstances have appeared in your life.  The big mistake people make is simply not adjusting for life’s ever changing tides, not even the expected ones.

For instance, a couple expecting a baby reel with excitement.  They are told by friends and family that their lives will change.   Armed with this valuable knowledge, do most couples think ahead?  Most of often not.  Baby comes and exhaustion sets in.

What if these soon-to-be new parents sat down ahead of baby’s arrival and mapped out their time commitments – what will change, what will each person  give up and how will everyone’s needs be accommodated?  Remember, baby is an “add in” – something has to be taken out to make space.  Baby doesn’t much care.  Baby needs what baby needs when it needs it and, if anyone around them is stressed and anxious, so will baby.  Baby will pick up on the “vibes” of the parents and react accordingly.  Everyone’s stress rises even more!


I sincerely believe that if people did more of this kind of give and take planning with their schedules before major events  in their lives, people would reduce their stress levels.  

Every time something new enters our lives, we must give up something else –  two separate objects cannot occupy the same space.  For instance, if you have a couch in your living room, your chairs cannot occupy the same space as your couch.  Chairs will take up a certain amount of square footage and so will your couch.

As fluid as our lives are, time management must work in tandem with this ever changing landscape.

Lorraine Arams

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