One of the very best places to watch time management in action is at the Olympics.  It’s instant.

Time, timing, strategy, and speed are the name of the game in the Olympics.  It takes more than a strong body and years of training – it takes mental agility to assess the field while in competition and decide how and when to make a crucial move.   Make a mistake and you’re out.  Complete the right strategy at the right time, you win!

Time management is most evident in sports such as speedskating and snowboarding.

I’ve watched several speedskating events both short and long track.  Speedskating seems to have the most occurrences of timing strategy – it’s truly part of that sport.  Some lead.  Some stay back.  They jockey for position and, during the last lap, lots of action!  The leaders sometimes move further ahead or sometimes back.  Those in the middle move ahead and sometimes those in the back just zoom to the front.  And it’s all based on whom they are competing against and the length of the skate.  It’s amazing to watch these strategies in action.  It’s all in the timing!

In the finals of Men’s Snowboarding Cross, the Canadian Robertson was leading.  Behind him, defending his title, the American Westcott.  It looked like a sure win for the Canadian but . . . . near the end of the track, the American sped up and won gold.  Westcott stayed back, took the opportunity to gain speed and, at the last minute, passed Robertson.  As a spectator, it was incredible to watch such a timing strategy played out.

Time management can produce some amazing results!

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