We’re so use to it – we’re born, go to school, become adults and do our adult things – we get use to having time.  How often does it cross your mind that you might not wake up tomorrow morning?  Why?  Because we expect to wake up the next day as we have done all of our lives!

This summer, two people very close to me know that time is finite – for one, the operation may be successful; for the other there is no operation to be had. 

Here we are rushing around – wasting our moments on earth – without the consciousness, every single day, that our time is finite!  No matter how rich you are or how poor you are, there are only so many years in a person’s life whether that be a few days or a hundred years.  How will you spend your time?  What’s really, really important to you?

Not only is every second over and done with in a flash – so are our lives!  Do you want yours to be a blur or do you want your life to be lived by your own design?

What would be your thoughts about your life if you were diagnosed with terminal disease today?

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