Does Setting a Goal Get You the Result You Want?

Does setting a goal get you the result you want?

After all, you’ve defined what you want in each part of your life, set the date for completion, created some initial steps and it should happen, right?  You’re clear on what you want – you did the work – you honed all your dreams down to the ones you really want.  And you have pictures posted on your wall to remind you every day – a collage of the dreams!

Why doesn’t it for most people?

I used to teach a program in goal setting and it was always amazing to me the extraordinary enthusiasm generated by putting dreams down in writing and going through the process.  People were pumped!!! They were so excited!  Smiles, laughter, a bounce in their step – what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon – setting goals!

A year later, they were all back thinking they had missed something the first time and feeling quite dejected because most of the goals they had set the year before were not achieved; in some cases, none of their goals were realized or only partially.  Their self-esteem was in the tank! What was wrong? Was it the people’s lack of discipline?  Was it that the dream was not strong enough to be realized as a goal?  Were people lazy or just hooked on the dreaming part?  Did they really not want what they think they wanted?

Likely, it was a combination of many reasons the least of which that the same old goal setting process which had been around, tweaked, repackaged and sold over and over again as the thing to do to get to where you are going.   The “repeat customers” told the story of the effectiveness of these systems.

It got me thinking.  When things don’t work, I started trying to figure out why. Then, one day, it dawned on me!  The most critical element omitted by all goal setting programs:  time.  People had a life before they arrived at the goal setting afternoon and none of that life would likely change too much by the end of the afternoon.

I’ve developed a “new twist on an old theme” for you – complimentary – and I know it will work for you if you work the system – why? For one thing, you won’t be overwhelmed right from the start.  And because you won’t be overwhelmed, you’ll like succeed.  And if you succeed, you’ll likely repeat the process.  In the end, you’ll be the winner – your self-esteem will rise and, finally, yes, you’ll be added to the success stories of those who set goals and achieved them!

Who likes a little success in their lives?  Everyone! Once you begin to see that success can be achieved, you’ll keep doing it because you’ll feel good about yourself and your life!

It’s not totally without a cost – I’ll ask for your name and email address – you won’t have to put out any money. I’ll also ask you to send me your success stories – I know it’ll take a while to get your dreams to become a reality, and I’m willing to wait for those great success stories to reach me.

So go to my site: and get your gratis copy of the “Missing Link” PDF and begin living the life you want!

Lorraine Arams

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