Can Never Seem to Get Everything Done?

Do you just wish you had time for more fun?

Sometimes, on our own, we just can’t find the answer –

coaching can help you see the right solution for you!

Time management is very individualistic

Most books, programs and courses on time management seem to suggest that one time management system is the answer for everyone.  Some time management systems are so onerous that we wonder how using the techniques will actually give us what we want.

It doesn’t and never will because people are individuals with unique lives. There is no one “time management system fits ” nor does one system work in every aspect of life.

Will some of these systems work for some people?  Yes.  Why?  Because it happens to suit their world, how they operate and their work and lifestyle.  That’s  why there are raving testimonials for certain products.  However, we never hear about the hundreds of other people for which the system did not work — “We tried it.  It didn’t produce the results despite our best efforts”

And people try and try again only to fail again and again with the next system and the next and the next. What does it take?

An individual approach to a person’s life.

For some people, their personal life is totally in control and everything works very well.  But their time management at work doesn’t work so well.  And, for others, it’s the opposite scenario.

The trick is to understand your stumbling blocks – what prevents you from living the life you want?

What techniques suit your personality and current lifestyle?

What kind of life do you really want?  Do you know?

Time Management Coaching Can Help – sometimes we just can’t see the solution on our own!


Time Management Coaching – direct, open and honest coaching – can help you with designing the right time management system for your current life.

If you really, really want to get your life under control, reduce your stress and build the life you want, it can be done!

Sometimes, one simple suggestion can make all the difference.

Sometimes, looking differently at the people in our lives can help to change how our time is used.

Sometimes, it’s conditioning, an attitude or a thought process which prevents us from taking the right actions – what’s stopping you from using your time to your best advantage?

Life Changes

Life changes all the time yet we never think of adjusting our time allocation.  For instance, we get a new job we know will demand more of our time yet we don’t adjust for that knowledge.  Or someone has a new baby.  Babies eat up a lot of time in care.  It’s important to clear some of the things from the calendar “pre-baby” in order to fit in baby care or come up with some creative alternatives.

What do you want from your life now?  Do you know?

Once you know what you want now and are tired of the excuses, then you’ll see how well time management flows.

You’ll  know when to say yes to and when to say no.  You’ll know how to construct your days, evenings, and nights to support what you want – not what other people want from you.

If you would like to, once and for all, feel in control of your life and are willing to face the truth, then do contact me at moc.emiteziwnull@ofni and we’ll start work immediately.

The coaching sessions are a minimum of one hour each at a rate of $55 per hour; you can book one hour or several.  You decide how many sessions you will need.  There are no contracts to sign.  Simply book an appointment when you want one and we’ll talk on the phone.  Contact me at:  moc.emiteziwnull@ofni

It’s up to you – do you want to solve your time crunch or do you just want to live with it and hope for the best?

Start today building the life you want by controlling how you spend your time!


How much time would you like for your coaching call?

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