What is the One Question You Can Ask Yourself to Add Calm to Your Life Every Day

what could that question beWhat is it?

What is that one question you can ask yourself daily in any situation?

Will it really calm you?

I think it will

Every Day

Every day we are faced with ourselves – our thoughts.  Add to the mix, all the other people in our lives or strangers who cross our paths every day.  We pay attention most when we face something we perceive as negative.

When we perceive something as negative, our thoughts get into high gear —-  Wasn’t that terrible? Wwho do they think they are?  What rudeness?  What a dirty trick to play!  I’m so mad, I could slap them!  How could they do that to me?  Where did that come from?

We rev ourselves up to the point that our energy creates even more problems.  People sense something is wrong so they either avoid you, confront you or ask the question, “what’s wrong with you today”.

It can take all day and all evening to get over it.  In the meantime, your entire day has been spent in this negative “aura” and, if you keep it up, the following day could be affected.  In some cases, the whole week, month or year or beyond.

Is It Worth It?

Never.  It’s never, ever worth carrying around negative energy of any kind.  The more negative energy you allow your mind to wallow in, the worse your life will get – that’s a guarantee. 

If you don’t believe me, think of a person you know who is always complaining or whining or crying “woe is me” .  Has anything ever changed for them?  Of course not and never will until that substitute that habit for a new one that is positive.

How Can You Stop the Flow of Negative Energy Immediately?

Ask yourself one question:  So what?

It’s short and powerful.

It shocks your brain.

And your thoughts change mode immediately – just like that – in a second! 

What Do You Do With the Answers?

Look at them – honestly bring them out into the open – say them out loud to yourself or write them down – whatever works for you.

Then, really go to town – “awfulize” every thought as much as possible – the worse case scenario – dark, dank, super charged with negativity.

Then . . .

Switch . . . .

To problem solving –

What if people shove and crowd you on the bus?  They could knock you down and cause you injury.  You’d have to sue the bus company.  You’d be off work and may lose your job.  You’d lose all your friends because you would be so disabled.  You’d be in the poor house! 

So what?

Now the problem solving . . . .

I could get injured by someone pushing me on the bus but how likely is it – if it’s crowded, I’d just bump against someone else; maybe the worse thing that could happen is that someone steps on my toe.  What can I do about it?  Be alert and practice safety on the bus.

If something really bad happened, I’m sure the bus company carries insurance and my injuries would likely be covered.  I can check that out. 

If I couldn’t go to work every day, maybe I could get my boss to agree to let me work from home some days until I’ve completely recovered.  My disability insurance would also kick in. 

As far as my friends are concerned, I think they would likely help me as much as they could.  I’d have them over more often’  We could maybe start something new – movie and popcorn nights on Friday at my place.  With disability insurance, coverage by the bus company and working at home, I’d be okay financially and  able to return full time fairly soon with physiotherapy and a little help.

That’s how it works – problem solve.   The power in knowing you can cope with anything that happens calms your energy.  Mind chatter is about fear.  Face the fear – know that you are able to deal with anything that comes along in your life with the simple little question:  so what?

You’ll be amazed how well it works!

Lorraine Arams

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