Fabulous Friday – Every Day of the Week!

Fabulous Friday – Every Day of the Week!  Why Not?  Could you do it?


Think about how you feel on Friday – capture it.  Many people are exhausted when Friday rolls around – they’re spent but find relief in knowing they have two days to do something different.  Others are looking forward to a sleep in or afternoon naps on the week-end,  team sports, family dinners, and getting together with friends.  And still others just want to lay on the beach and “chill”Can you feel the effect of just anticipating what is to come has on your approach to the day?  For most people, it’s a good feeling.

How about duplicating that feeling every day of the week? How about making each day a day to look forward to?  For instance, you could make slogans for each day to represent that day:

Marvelous Monday

Terrific Tuesday

Wonderful Wednesday – it’s the middle!

Thunderous Thursday

and, of course, Fabulous Friday –

week-ends – Speedy Saturday or Sleepy Sunday

Each day is fun and each day has got a theme. You could make it into a game with friends, family and colleagues or just a simple acknowledge it in your emails or when you meet and greet people.  See how people respond.  Instead of saying in emails or in person, “have a nice day” say, “Have a Wonderful Wednesday”.  It’s a little thing but it’ll have people notice.

See what fun you can have and how it changes attitudes towards every day of the week!  Let me know what happens!  Make a comment on my blog and share the fun you have created!

That’s how Fabulous Friday can be translated to every day of the week!

Lorraine Arams
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Too Busy to Eat Well During the Week? Try These Tips

You get home – you’re tired – you’re hungry!  Cooking – you can’t bear the thought! Eating out is expensive!  You’ve been so busy!

Ordering in – it’ll take too long.  Or you could go to the deli and pick up something but you simply don’t have the energy.  Does this happen often?  Probably.  During the week, most people are exhausted from working all day, working out at the gym and connecting with others  – the day is generally packed!

You can prepare though so you never face this situation during the week.   Here are some ways to do it:

1.  On free nights or on week-ends when there is time to cook, prepare favorite foods ahead of time. For instance, cook a curry on Saturday and make a lot.  Package it up in freezer containers ready for the microwave including rice – cook extra rice, bag it and freeze it.  Or make a stew or chili or lasagna – the same thing applies – you can freeze it and simply reheat in the microwave or in your steamer when you need it.

Too,  cook things such as a whole roasted chicken, pork or beef roast, whole fish and cook more than you’ll need for a meal. For the rest of the week, you have portions in your fridge which can be warmed in the oven or microwave, add a couple of steamed vegetables or a salad or simply add slices into your salad.  You could even have people over on Sunday and cook a turkey or ham – you’d have great leftovers and get to socialize with your friends too!

Soups are also great to make and store in the freezer or fridge – take out a portion, heat it up – it’s done!

2.  Buy spinach and other long lasting greens – they’re a staple.  When you’re hungry, just throw some spinach into a bowl, add whatever you have on hand – a can of tuna, a little raspberry dressing and you have a meal!  And have a lot of fruit in the fridge – apples, pineapple, strawberries, etc and add them into the salad – that’s right – fruit is great in a green salad!

It’s always a great idea to wash everything when you get back from the store and place all your vegetables in plastic containers neatly stacked in your fridge, ready to eat – this way you won’t even have that to do during the week.  Peppers, radishes and many other vegetables can be pre-cut too.

3.  Always stock up on root vegetables – they last a long time in the fridge and are absolutely delicious for a quick roast or stir fry – wash them well – you don’t have to peel them, chop them up into cubes and, in minutes, you’ll have a substantial meal and colorful too – carrots, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, yams, sweet potato, etc.

If you keep some stir fry sliced meats in your freezer, all you have to do is through some of that in the stir fry and you have a complete meal!  One pan – 15 minutes – you’re done! (I know  – this one involves cooking but it’s minimal)

4.  Buy cans of  beans:  garbanzo, kidney, white, mixed, etc.  They make a great instant meal – just add a little dressing, a little onion  and/or some fresh vegetables – it’s a wonderfully satisfying meal.  Or you can use quinoa and other whole grains mixed in with the beans to add some texture and some of those vegetables you washed and pre-cut.

5.  Always have eggs on hand – great free range eggs – and hard boil them for salads and sandwiches.  A good one is to chop the egg and add a can of tuna, a little mayo and you have a delicious and filling sandwich filling!

You’ll save yourself a ton of money because you won’t have to buy deli prepared foods, eat more healthy because you’ll know what’s in and on your food, and you’ll save a lot of time.

When you’re busy during the week, there are still ways to eat well and nourish your body – it needs it!

If you have other good tips, do share them on my blog.

Lorraine Arams
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How can Our Great Grandmothers Time Management Practices be Useful to Us Today

Our great grandmothers understood good time management practices long before there were books and tapes.  Lots of work had to get done, most of it manually.

There were no automatic washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, cell phones, computers or, for some, no electricity.  Every single task contained within it several smaller tasks to achieve it.  For instance, to iron, the wood had to be gathered, a fire lit in the wood burning stove, the irons heated before any ironing could begin.

If you think you don’t have time today, imagine what it was like then!

What could your great grandmother teach you about time management?  To prevent pile ups!

Because of the labor intensity in each task, it was imperative that the work flowed.   Imagine burning wood in the stove and heating up the irons when the clothes hadn’t been washed yet!

They designated certain tasks to certain days – clothes washing on Monday, ironing on Tuesday, floor washing on Wednesday, baking on Thursday, and so on – each day had a main task and each week that task was completed.

Today, we can and should do the same. In each job or business, there are certain tasks which need to be done each and every week – contacting potential clients, creating reports, making sales calls, networking, accounting, filing, etc.

We can take our regular tasks and assign them a day – the most logical day to get the tasks completed,  assign an appropriate time slot and make it a recurring event in our electronic calendars such in Outlook in Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Disc Version)Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Disc Version)

How does this help us? It:

  • creates a routine – we know what we need to get done each day of the week
  • keeps us on target for all the “chores” that are imperative to “smooth operations”
  • clears our minds – it’s there on our calendars every week and every week it gets done.  We don’t have to worry about forgetting to do it and we keep the routine tasks up-to-date.  If anything happens such as getting sick, it won’t take much to catch up
  • prevents pile ups!
  • AND the stress is lowered immensely – we don’t have to burn the midnight oil to catch up to a series of overdue reports or overdue billing or overdue sales – we’re on top of our essentials!

Great grandmothers had it together – by necessity – we can learn from from them.

Give it try it – you might like it!  Many people in my small business workshops have adopted this system and it works well.  Often it’s the routine tasks which trip us up – we’ll get it done tomorrow and tomorrow never arrives.

Lorraine Arams
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How Do You Learn to Feel Good About Yourself

How do you learn to feel good about yourself?

That’s a good question.  It fills a ton of websites with all kinds of “how tos” from the world of self-help to that of  psychology and psychiatry to personal development  and there are a host of books on Amazon – it seems that it’s an issue for a lot of people.  I had no idea it was such a common problem.

Sometimes though, lessons come in the strangest “packages” and at the oddest moments.

Last night, the movie Forrest Gump was on.  I’d watched it a couple of times before because it’s just one of those movies that’s a little “old fashioned” – it has a happy ending.

As I watching Forrest Gump, it finally dawned on me that this movie was actually a lesson in “how to feel good about oneself”. In fact, it was probably the best way for people to really understand what feeling good about yourself is all about – what it looks like, feels like and is .

Forrest Gump (Two-Disc Special Collector’s Edition)

Here’s a man who, despite people’s opinion of him accomplishes what most of us would consider a highly successful life in all ways. This man who is ridiculed or approached in not such kind ways, navigates his way through life expressing himself and his character in a fashion which would make any mother proud.

He is – loving — loyal —- faithful —-  dependable —- motivational —- kind —  generous —- determined —- hardworking —- honest and, by any definition, an exemplary son, friend, soldier, businessman, husband and father —–  yet, he is according to him, “not a smart man”!

He is, however, very, very special – he knows his limitations, society’s view of his disability and . . . yet . . . he feels good about who he is! It is a lesson to all of us to feel good about ourselves no matter what other people think or how they react to us.  Who we are is enough and being true to ourselves is the most important lesson we need to learn. He ran back into the jungle several times to try to save his friend – he saved as many as he could and finally found his friend.  It was obvious that Baba was going to die because of his injuries but Forrest picked him up and took him out of the jungle despite artillery blasting around him the whole time.  He was told to stop.  He didn’t.  His loyalty to his friend was what he lived at that moment.

He has few friends and few supporters.  He never gives up on people and has an innate understanding of people – Jenny, the party girl for whom he cares about his whole life, his captain who is furious about losing his legs.   Forrest is always there to love and care for Jenny when she needs it – not to judge.  His captain whom he rescued is given a whole new lease on life.  They come to him because they know how accepting he is of who they are, not what they have done or said or what parts are missing.  He inspires and motivates others to be the best of who they are – including those who join him on his treks across the US.

I encourage you – if you are one of those people who doesn’t feel so good about yourself – to get this movie – to really, really watch it intently and to put yourself in Forrest Gump’s shoes – walk in his shoes in your imagination – try to feel what he must feel – feel what it must be like to be Forrest Gump.  If you do, you’ll begin to understand what it means to feel good about yourself no matter what. This man did the best he could with what he had – and what a life!

Feel it – feel good about yourself.  There will be another understanding which comes across –  everyone on earth is valuable – there couldn’t be a “star” if there was no one to applaud!  There is no one on earth who is “ordinary” – we are all extraordinary and that’s the truth.

I hope you will take the time to get a copy of this movie or watch it on tv – it’s on quite often – and watch it the way you have probably have never watched it before – not as a good movie by an excellent cast but as a life lesson.

For all people who are not feeling good about themselves, this is a way to understand what that looks like, how it feels and how to “process the world” with all its ups and downs.  The most important conviction we can nurture for ourselves – feeling good about oneself no matter the slings and arrows thrown our way – I can’t but think how Jenny’s life would have been so different had she been more like Forrest.

Lorraine Arams
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How To Learn Faster and Easier

How can you learn faster and easier than reading books?

Books are fine – I love books!  But when we’re learning something new which is more conceptual than factual, it takes a lot of time.  Subjects like chemistry, stats, mathematics, etc are more easily learned in books than is a topic such as managing people, managing your career, etc.

However, books are a good starting point. This is a way to get the “vocabulary” of the subject you’re interested in learning – and certainly teachers and instructors clarify what is contained in books.

Often overlooked is going to direct sources of information.  Not the internet.  Not the librarian.  Not your friend.

Let’s say a person is mid-way in their career and that person has decided that their career needs a boost.  Often this person will go to the internet and learn from others there which is fine except you really never know who you are learning from – are these people truly knowledgeable or have they just regurgitated material they have found in books and on the net?

Often, as most people do, the most obvious resource is often not utilized. Whether you’re working for government, non-profits or corporations, you get to know names of people who are successful or at least appear to be successful in their careers.  If you’re in that situation and want to give your career a boost,  contact these people and ask them if they could provide a few pointers to help.

The same goes for anything else you want to learn – go directly to the source – – the person who is successful in that area.  Talk to them.  Most will be happy to help.  Some won’t.  Some people are not interested in helping others – they figure they did it the hard way, so should everyone else.  However, the majority of successful people will help others.

For instance, if you’re interested in creating a little extra income on the internet, start with helpful people. Here’s an example. You’ll be amazed how simple it can be but if you tried researching online or reading massive amounts of information, it would be very time consuming and discouraging.

How do you learn faster and easier?  Talk directly to successful people in  your area of interest.  It’s that simple:

  • prepare some good questions ahead of time
  • develop really, really good listening and reflective listening skills
  • call up several people you are aware of who are successful to make appointments (take them out for lunch or coffee – people are more willing to talk longer over lunch or coffee)
  • meet with them – be polite, not aggressive
  • most importantly – send them a thank you after the meeting AND
  • keep in touch with them – let them know how you have utilized their advice and how it has helped you – it’s a great way to build your network

There are some highly competitive arenas in which people are less willing to help others as they are protecting their “territories” and jobs, but, even there, you’ll find some good souls willing to talk about their successes.

Learning faster and easier is all about learning directly from other people.

Lorraine Arams
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