Goal Setting – Are You Missing These Important Steps? Likely!

Are you missing these important steps in goal setting?

I think you likely are

The difference in this goal achieving exercise is that it comes from someone who actually used goal setting to achieve great success as opposed to goal setting from a theoretical point of view – this is how it works in real life.

Listen very carefully to this video – you’ll see what I mean – it makes sense.  Zig Ziglar as some of you may know grew up in the Southern State of Mississippi.  He knew the meaning of poor but that didn’t stop him from becoming a top salesman and carving out a career as a renowed international speaker and authority on high-level performance.  His approach to most everything is “unconventional” and it is effective because he did the “doing” before he taught the strategies.  I’ve seen Zig Ziglar on stage and he is one dynamo – drawl and all!

It’s incredible how we miss the obvious sometimes because our minds are focused on what someone is teaching us. Zig Ziglar’s truth comes from the fact he achieved success and believes in goal setting. 

He adds important dimensions to the “usual” approaches: obstacles – do we know the obstacles we will face to achieving our goals?  Every single goal we set has obstacles to it whether it be the need to acquire new knowledge or skills, money, location – there are so many!  How can we plan effectively without understanding what the obstacles are in the first place.

Have we identified people who can help us? The right people, of course, because not all people we know or come to know are the right people to help us move towards our dreams.

And the biggest motivator of all – “what’s in it for me” – you’ll see that I have included this in my “Missing Link” goal setting system which I have created and is available to you gratis on my site at http://wizetime.com.

Blend some of these concepts into the steps in “Missing Link”, and, slowly and surely, you’ll be ever so much closer to achieving your dream life – one step at a time!

Lorraine Arams

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