How do you Find the Best Time Management System Suited to You

How do you find the best time management system to suit your life?

I’ve experienced many time management systems from huge systems which took a week of full-time study to learn to simple systems that were no longer than one page of instruction. Which one was best?


There is no one system that is better than another. Why? Because there is no one life that is exactly like another. 

Yes, it’s good to learn different systems – very good – there is something to be captured from each one and each one has valuable information to offer. But know this – it’s valuable information from one perspective!

There is no one system that has it all for everyone!

So why to do I write about time management? Why do I think it’s so important to keep talking about time management?

Because life changes constantly for everyone. Everyone needs to make adjustments in how they manage their time to reflect those changes.  We don’t always know what those adjustments should look like.

For instance, if you’ve been an employee all your life with the same company, your time management has had a certain rhythm. Then, one day, you’re laid off. You decide to go into business for yourself. Your work time changes in a very big way. From one set of activities to multiple activities all in the same line of “work”, your time management must change to suit your new life. You simply can’t use the same systems you used in your job otherwise you’ll find a lot of things will be left undone.

And, what happens when the last child leaves home?  All of a sudden, there is a radical shift in needs.  One person is not there to talk to every day or to have meals with or to share experiences.  What happens to all that time?  How will you adjust?  For some people, they are elated – all that free time to take on new hobbies.  For others, it’s a time of loss – they have no idea how they will handle this new lifestyle.

What if you retire?  10 full hours of every day, 5 days a week, now are available.  What do you do with all that time?  Some people think it’s absolutely wonderful – for a while – and then reality sets in – this is not a vacation – it’s for real and forever more – I won’t be returning to work!  And after the traveling, connecting with old friends, golfing like crazy, there are still a lot of hours left over – what do you do?  For other people, they fill their time with so many other things, they create a new time management problem for themselves.

How do you know what to do?  Take a piece from here and a piece from there – combine the pieces to suit your life as it exists today – and experiment.  You’ll soon know what works and what doesn’t but most of the time you’ll take some piece of advice or a piece of a system and make it your own.

No two people are alike and no one system will work equally well for everyone.  For one person, a “to do” list is all they need; for someone else, a “to do” list is a source of pressure.  One person works best in the morning and another in the evening – how do you work your highest productivity time?  There are so many questions.

And . . . know that you’ll need to change habits sometimes as new events alter your life.

Do come back to my blog often – check out the articles – you might just find something that you need just at the right time.  Better yet, sign up to receive my blogs and newsletters regularly.  I research and I draw from my own experiences, I draw from other people’s experiences and knowledge, and I pass that knowledge on to you – you just never know when you’ll need a new way of managing your time.  If you can’t seem to put it together, I offer coaching too – it’s not expensive – most of the time, people only need an hour or two and they’ve found the answer – I do it all the time and it works!  It’s one of the greatest pleasures in my life when people write or call and tell me how our work together made a difference in their lives.

Lorraine Arams

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