Do You Feel Rushed During the Holidays?

tree, candles and fireplace serenityDo you feel serene during the holidays?  Or do you feel almost overwhelmed?  Do you rush?

The holiday season is upon us and, by now, with Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Remembrance Day within weeks of one another, the Christmas celebration time can be exhausting!

There are luncheons, parties, special events, decorating, gift buying, and the music to get “everyone in the mood”!  Can you feel the energy rising?  Everywhere we look, everyone we talk to you and all we do seems to have an element associated with Christmas – so many people to thing of and so much to do.


Slow Down!

Think alternatives!

Can you do it all?

Yes, within reason and with a lot of discipline.

First and foremost, put yourself first.  That’s key.  Exercise to keep your energy up, continue to eat well and limit alcohol intake.  How?

Exercise is important all year round – you might cut your exercising from 5 or 7 days a week to 3 – for the month of December only.  It’s very exhausting attending all kinds of events, talking to new and old acquaintances and preparing for your ownfestivities.  Give yourself a break.

Eating well doesn’t have to be a challenge.  At events, look for the healthiest offerings and indulge sparingly – taste what you eat and if you’re in conversation, don’t eat – it’ll save a lot of calories and embarrassing moments!

Wine and spirits are offered everywhere.  Perhaps have a glass of wine but then switch to a sparkling water or club soda.  Pop won’t do it.  The sugar content of pop is much too high.  This way you won’t have to worry about making a fool of yourself because you drank too much and you’ll wake up healthy and bright the next morning.

Flit – learn to flit – what does that mean?  It means that when you accept invitations, schedule them carefully to be within short distances of one another and preferably on your route home.  For instance, if there are 3 cocktail parties on one day.  Attend the one furthest away from your route home, arrive early, stay no more than 1/2 hour and go to the next one.  Same routine with the next one  – 1/2 hour – and leave and move on to the third one.   At all three, make sure you have connected with the host of the event, thanked him or her and leave quietly without fanfare.   In 1 1/2 hours you’ll have attended 3 events without wearing yourself out!  If you watch carefully, you’ll see that a lot of people doing the same.

For each thing on your list, ask yourself if you really need to do it yourself or even do it at all?  What will be the consequences of not doing any one particular thing?  Can you live with the consequences?

There’s a lot to do during the holiday season.  Choose carefully. Save your energy.  Save your time. And think very carefully of how you spend your time and energy every single day.  After all, you’ll want to be fully awake and energized when Santa arrives!

Lorraine Arams

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