Dr. John Nash and Time – Did You Ever Wonder?

Dr. John NashDid you ever wonder how it would be to be brilliant and lose years because other people controlled your life sometimes during your lifespan?

Last night, I watched A Beautiful Mind.  I had never seen the whole movie before.  Today I went on Wikipedia to find out more about the real man because we all know that Hollywood “enhances” real lives to appeal to our emotions.  They do a good job and I also like the real story.

Such brilliance stopped in its tracks because perhaps the most brilliant of minds are “unusual” and our common brains can’t grasp their world.  We fear unusual behaviors and, when we don’t understand something, we react in somewhat arcane and arrogant ways.  When he was getting his shock treatments, I wondered why.  Weren’t they afraid they might damage such a great brain?  Obviously not.  I would.  Perhaps some people can live with “imagined characters” in their lives if only they come to understand the difference. Children do it all the time and we don’t think they’re crazy!

Dr. Nash lost many years while “incarcerated” to institutions.  Imagine the fear he must have felt each time he came out.  So much valuable time was eroded from his life.

Think about your life – how much rushing around you do.  What if you lost a full year or 2 or 5 or 8 or more years because of an illness.  Do you think you would slow down a bit?  What difference would it make in the scheme of things to entirely change your world for a while?

I wonder myself – if we just stopped the world and got off for a few years, what would happen?

Someone told me recently that she is taking off to Europe for an indeterminate amount of time.  She has worked for a few years, was laid off and decided it was time to travel.  She’s young enough to enjoy it and physically fit to adapt to the changing landscapes.  She’s getting off for a while – away from the rush we build into our worlds. Smart woman – when we experience the people and lives of other parts of our planet, we come to see the world differently and our part it.

If you haven’t seen the movie for some time or have never seen it, I hope you pick it up a copy to view on a rainy Friday night and watch it.  Imagine you’re John Nash and imagine living through his journey.  Let me know what happens.

Lorraine Arams





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