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How Technology Has Slowed Us Down

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Do you think technology has slowed us down?

It has.

Like the Vacuum Cleaner

Much like the vacuum cleaner which inspired carpeting most of the floors in the house, we are all now reverting back to hardwood floors.  Why?  Because vacuuming and cleaning carpets, in the long run, took more time than mopping dust balls under the bed!  When something spilled on a hardwood floor, it was easy to get the mop out and clean the spill.  With carpets, the effort is much greater and sometimes a stain persists. 

Hence, hardwood floors have become the “rage” once again!

Technology has done the same.  How?  By using up more and more of our resources – our time, our money, our energy, our thinking power, and our social time.  We not willing to give up so much any more!

Upgrades and the New

While programmers sit in at their computers day after day thinking of ingenious ways to upgrade each and every program or create new ones, the user’s time, energy and money are consumed at an incredible rate keeping up with the latest innovations.

It takes time to learn how to use the latest upgrades.  For instance, Facebook is upgrading all the time.  Facebook wasn’t exactly user friendly to begin with and, more and more, Facebook is becoming an ever increasing consumer of time.  Just the introduction of timelines recently sent people scrambling to figure out what that meant and how it affected them.  Heaven forbid that Facebook should send out an email to everyone letting them know of the changes and who it would affect!  That would be way too easy – so we scratch our heads or ignore it.

Microsoft brought out a new version of Office.  Again, the menus were changed and the methods for performing certain tasks  were changed.  No “manual” outlining the changes and how to use the new features were ever distributed.  People have spent many hours “re-learning” Office to do some of the simplest tasks.  The good news is that at least Microsoft has a fairly good Help feature.  The bad news:  time is chewed up re-learning.

LinkedIn, my favorite of the social media, made changes too.  Yet, no announcements.  No instructions.  Someone in frustration sent out a help call to figure out how to on LinkedIn since it’s so difficult to find help from LinkedIn.

So we are left to either search the site to see if we can figure out how to use the changes or run to YouTube to see if anyone has made a “how to” video.  Thank you technologically savvy people for helping!

Even little old Twitter keeps changing the game. 

If all the upgrades were obvious and helpful, we would all welcome them.  And, if these multi-billion dollar companies had any inkling of customer service, wouldn’t they let their customers know?  You’d think!

Google decided to add Google + and Pinterest came on the scene. Google+ is not quite the “charm” Google thought it would be.  Perhaps it would have been best for Google to improve the ability to deliver relevant information in a better way than it does.  How many of us have plowed through pages and pages of Google results to find the right article or the information we were looking for.  Sometimes the simplest information requests are not satisfied.

More and More We Engage Less and Less 

We can’t be everywhere and each one of these sites has a tremendous learning curve not to mention the upkeep of our profiles, of the changes and the next newest and best thing.

For all the good technology has given us, technology has taken away our most precious commodity – time. 

When I’m talking to people of all ages today, I find the same thing – they love their cell phone to stay in touch and listen to their favorite shows on the bus but they are shutting out social media more and more.  It’s all become too much.  Much like children who receive a lot of toys at Christmas, only a couple remain their favorites and the other toys are put away in boxes or given away.  They love their laptops for getting their work done and beyond that, sitting on the beach on a beautiful evening is far more enjoyable than tinkering with the latest and not so great the technology industry has devised.

Experiencing Real Life is Better

People are not running as fast to the next latest and greatest piece of technology but instead are shutting down.  They want to experience a fuller life – go outdoors to walk and cycle, meet up with friends face-to-face, attend live classes and workshops, participate in their community and engage with another human instead of a machine – enough already!

Lorraine Arams





What One Christmas Gift Can You Give Everyone on Your List?

What Christmas Gift Fits All?

Can you think of what that might be?  Some will automatically think chocolate, another will think love and yet another will think pen.

Any of these answers, of course, may fit but what if that someone doesn’t like chocolate like one of my friends or the expression of your love to your boss might seem inappropriate or someone prefers fine nib to the medium you gave them?

Yet, there is something that everyone appreciates.  It comes in two parts.

One Christmas with a group of friends, we agreed not to buy each other gifts but to give each other something much more important – something that has lasted years.  I still have mine from that first year.  It meant a lot and has sustained me through some very difficult times when I doubted my abilities and even myself.

And this year, I would add another component.  Often, it is something left unspoken amongst friends and family and others we interact with frequently or not often enough.

You can include these in a Christmas card or along with a physical gift or simply give it to them on a simple piece of paper.

1.  List three things that you admire about that person.  It could be how kind they are to animals or the way they help family, friends and neighbors in need or how their smile lights up everyone’s life every time they interact.  Simple.  One or two sentences.

2.  Express your gratitude.  Just one thing.  Perhaps tell your husband how much you appreciate how he is a sounding board for issues at work throughout the year,  or relate to your mother and father how their advice saved you a lot of time and energy or how much you appreciate your friend’s ability to make you laugh. 

This gift can be given to EVERYONE on your list – everyone your great mechanic who takes the special step of vacuuming your car, your boss who treats everyone fairly, your cleaning person who does such a great job week after week, your brother who helped you with renovations, your sister who guided you through a career choices – the list is endless – nieces, nephews, grandparents, friends, acquaintances, clients – there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t like to receive appreciation for their gifts and talents.  And, everyone loves to receive an expression of gratitude for something they gave without expectation of anything in return.

You may be very surprised at the reactions.  Some will cry.  Others will be shy.  And yet others will be pensive.  It’s not often we share our good feelings about others’ talents and gifts.  Everyone loves to be noticed.  Everyone loves to receive a positive expression about the marvelous parts of them.  Sometimes we appreciate what people do for us but we don’t verbalize it in writing. 

Christmas is a time of giving. 

Open your heart and fill others’ hearts with joy – real joy of connection – human to human.  Make it about them.

Lorraine Arams


Would Another 24 Hours Make A Difference?


 Another 24 Hours?

More time – “I need more time” comes out of people’s mouths every single day.  Would adding another 24 hours a day to your life make a significant difference to your life?  Did you ever think about that question?

In what other areas of your life did you have a wish for more?  “If I had more . . . .”  – money, more “stuff”, more leisure, more clothes, more jewelry, more education, more friends, more love  . . . “I would be . . . . ” happier, better off, feeling good, earning more, be smarter, etc.

How many of you have ever thought that way?  Likely, everyone.

For most of us, we do get “more” only to find that we haven’t found what we thought we would realize from having “more”.  Why do you think that is?

The Trap of “More”

When we want more, it’s because there is something inside us that is unsatisfied.  Instead of “fixing” that dissatisfaction internally, we look externally for something to fill the void.  Externals don’t.  Externals don’t fix a thing and, in fact, will likely only increase the dissatisfaction inside.

The Key

We have all we need. 

The key is understanding that we don’t need “more” of anything.  Instead, we should be maximizing what we have – our talents, our relationships with family and friends, our experiences and our connection to our world.  That’s what will pay the dividends.  Being all we can be.

If you don’t believe it, drive or walk in wealthy neighborhood alleys on garbage days.  You’ll see the carnage of “having more” – a physical representation.  The wealthy have a lot of money, buy many items, and what we find in the alleys on garbage day is waste – expensive bikes which have never been used, clothes with price tags still on them, collectibles, usable electronics . . . . has “more” solved anything?  Buying, buying, buying for the sake of buying the latest and greatest and yet what is purchased is obviously not appreciated and not used.  Ever wonder what they are looking for? 

This waste is symbolic of what we all do in some way in our lives. 

We are all rich, we just don’t know it.  We squander what we have and wish for something else.

Adding another 24 hours in anyone’s day wouldn’t make a difference at all to our lives because we would live it precisely the way we are living our current 24 hours. 

The Gift We All Have

Time management is not about how many hours we have, it’s how we use those hours to maximize the possibilities of our lives.  We come into this world complete. 

We each are very special with our very own particular “blueprint” by which we can define for ourselves.  We have the freedom of will to utilize our special attributes our way.

Won’t you give yourself some time today to think about what an incredible being you are.  Won’t you take the time this week to seriously look at your talents and abilities and put them to use for the life you want?  You’re amazing – believe it – live it – be it – whatever “it” is for you in particular!  Uniqueness – we all have it – for a reason.  What will you do with yours?

Lorraine Arams

Facebook and Time Management – Lost in Facebook?

pictures of facesLost in Facebook?  What do you do about it?

So many people get caught up in social media.  It’s fascinating!  All the people you can meet – the conversations you can have – the opportunities are boundless – you can talk about any of your interests with someone who shares that interest – what a cornucopia of options!

Then, we look at the clock . . . . . . . oh! my!!!! – 6 hours have gone by!  Where has the time gone!  And your to do list is still waiting!

Facebook can steal your life – it’s even possible to get addicted to Facebook and other social media!

After all, it’s exciting – there is always something new –

Can you live your life by Facebook?

That’s a choice for you to make.

But . . . .

If you need to live more life, then Facebook needs to be put back into the box with all the other social media.  I know you don’t want to miss anything . . . the question is what are you missing in other parts of your life because you are spending so much time on Facebook?

Are your friends neglected?

Do you spend enough time with your partner or your children or your parents or other relatives?

Are you exercising?

Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you eating regularly?

How addicted are you?

Put the Genie Back in the Bottle

Facebook and all other social media, like anything and everything in your life, needs to have a place – a place allocated in your schedule just like everything else.

Along with scheduling time for social media, it’s important to be very disciplined about the amount of time spent on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites you love.  Love can become an enslaver if you don’t control it.

The Solution

  • Allocate time, say 1 hour a day.
  • Book it in your calendar.
  • Stay within those parameters.
  • Put a timer on your computer to time yourself.
  • And, no matter how much your hand shakes when you’re reaching for that mouse, turn it off at the allotted time!
  • Put Facebook and other social media to bed on time!

You’ll love yourself for it!

Lorraine Arams


Can it get worse? Can it get better? What do You Want to Believe?

treasure mapCan it get worse?

Can it get better?

What do you want to believe?

There are lots of reasons to think either way.

Life is about creating your best life.

Your best life is built on deciding what you want, taking care of yourself and living every day in pursuit of the right life for you.

You can live a life of misery complaining about everything,  angry at everyone and nothing is ever satisfactory no matter how wonderful.  Seeking to identify  “what’s bad” about everything and everyone gets you nowhere.

“Woe is me” will never ever get you to move forward.  It will keep you stuck in the past.

On the other side of the coin . . . .

“The world is a wonderful place.  I love everything and everybody.”  will keep you stuck in la-la land!  This is not positive.  It’s just another extreme.

What’s the real deal?  Where should you spend your time?

Creating the life you want.  Look at the pros and cons – decide on a plan of action and move on it.  The first few things you do might be totally wrong but you’ll be able to correct and keep moving.  If you really, really want the thing you’re after then never, ever give up.  It means that when you meet obstacles, find ways to go around, over, through or under them.  Ask people questions.  Today, it’s so easy – get on a forum and ask questions – observe – listen – contribute.

What will you find?

Fun!  You’ll have fun getting to where you want to go.  You’ll find life rewarding.  You’ll find excitement and understand there will be problems.  Using your creativity to overcome issues generates high levels of energy and connecting with others who can help you.  Let life enter your life and you’ll see how getting what you want may not be a straight road but an adventure!  Believe that your life will always get better no matter the obstacles – the stronger the winds, the stronger the tree!

Lorraine Arams