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If You’re Stressed, How do you Change – Part II


This is how you might be feeling with stress!

In my last article, I gave you some quick ways to begin the process of “de-stressing”.   Stress has many layers and if you want to change, you need to try many things before you know what works for you.   

I indicated that we would be looking at a few more ways to help you in achieving or regaining control over your own life.   

I’ll repeat something I said in the previous article:  no one can de-stress in a short period of time though anyone can do small things every single day which will build towards that end.  It took a long time to get into the current state and it will take some time to “unravel” the learned behaviors which propelled you into this state in the first place.   

Okay – here are three more things you can do –    

1)  Medical Attention:  I personally am not enamoured with the medical system as it exists today because the focus is mainly on money rather than helping people.  This focus changed when the doctors stopped going to patient’s homes and instead had patients come to them – it took real dedication as a doctor to make “house calls” but today, they allocate 10 minutes per appointment and see as many people as possible to make the most money possible.  Have you ever tried to figure out someone’s problem in 10 minutes?  Can’t be done but anyhow, it is what it is.  There are still many good doctors out there who are patient focused but they are few and far between.   

So how can you get help from the medical community – no matter which way you do it, it’ll be expensive –    

a)  one of the quickest but least desirable is to get a drug.  Yes, drugs do help diminish the symptoms if you are in an acute state of stress but only for a while.  Like any drug, their effectiveness wears out fairly quickly and the answer to that, of course, is to increase the dosage.  I ask you this, however:  do you really need to another problem to your list of issues?  I think it’s better to find more “natural” ways to cope   

b)  talk to a psychologist or a psychiatrist who specializes in acute stress issues.  This process will be a long one and expensive.  You might want to consider alternatives   

2)  Alternative Medicine – This is a better avenue, however, be very careful what you buy into – it may end up being more expensive and no more effective than the standard medical world.  And make sure that the people you are dealing with are properly trained from an accredited school – there are many claims made by many people who know very little especially in pyramid marketing.  Nonetheless, some techniques work very well for some people such as:   

a)  Massage – For me, this is the very best of all if you can afford it.  Why?  Because it “gives the body a break”!  When a person is stressed out, the body takes a real hit – the tension builds up in the muscles and tendons making the body stiff and sore, the organs don’t work well because they are trying to cope with a body and mind under siege and the mind, well, we all know how “crazy” our mind gets.     

Make sure that the person providing the massage is a licensed practitioner from a good school.  Why?  Because a lot of people call themselves massage therapists but have no more than 2 months of training if at all – it’s not enough.  The program should be at least a year and they should have graduated.  And there are many different spas – try several to see which one you prefer – some are wonderful, others are tacky.   

What type of massage?  You’ll have to decide for yourself.  There’s the Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue – just to name a few and each one has its benefits.  I started with Deep Tissue but many people simply can’t take the impact.  And a massage less than an hour is ineffective.     

Massage will help your mind, your emotions and your body – you may find yourself crying as the body releases the tension and you may even sob – all if it very, very good for you.   

It’s expensive – at first, you’ll likely need a massage twice a week for a while, then once week until you see yourself getting under control – and settle into a massage routine of every second or third week.  The health benefits are enormous!   

b)  Biofeedback – There are many charletans in this arena – biofeedback with a licensed and experienced practitioner can be very effective though it does take many sessions and should really be accompanied by some counseling.   

c)  Counseling – There are some good counselors but, again, it’s finding the right one.   

d)  Coaching – Coaching can be a good alternative and it also takes time.  Some coaches charge outrageous amounts of money and this is the least effective of all.  Anyone can be a coach and, even the coaches with accreditation are simply accredited to be  coach, not a counselor.  Coaching works best in other arenas where the process is more specific.   

3)  Books – there are many excellent books, however, the problem with books is that they are written for the general population, not you personally.   Nonetheess, a good book is very helpful and reading is something which can be done a little bit every day.   

 Feeling Good is one of those books that was written long ago but is still one of the most effective books on the market.  It’s very good especially for anyone who wants real knowledge from someone who worked with stressed people and was able to help them.  Another helpful resource is Stress Management – a comprehensive guide to wellness.    

Next, we’ll look at some “home remedies” for stress.   

Why am I giving you all these suggestions?  Because each one helps in its own way and no one knows, not even you, exactly what will be the right combination of things to do in order to “de-stress” and get back to a healthy state for your body and mind.  Stress and how to effect change is a process even though your tendency is to get a “quick fix” – you’re in so much agony – you just want relief!     

Stress is the result of a combination of factors – it’s never just one thing though it may be just one thing that really takes your stress from normal to a state of “over the top”.  Breath – take a lot of deep breaths all day long every day!   

Lorraine Arams
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What’s your Body Doing – Do You Know?

What’s your body doing  – do you know?  Do you have any idea at all, this very moment, what your body is telling you?

Most people don’t because, as long as the body is working or nothing has been added to the waistline, most people don’t pay any attention at all to what their body is telling them. 

The messages are ignored!  Just like the messages in this bottle, they go unseen, unheard and discounted.  Why?

Because we simply have chosen not to pay attention.  After all, it’s only our body and we can ignore it . . . right?

For instance, in the gym, people exercise through pain.  Why?  They believe – no pain, no gain – which, in a way is true, but in another it’s absurd to believe such a notion.  There can be “pain” in the aftermath of a new exercise program or the pain of getting yourself to the gym.  But . . . there’s quite a difference when one of your body parts is experiencing pain because of an injury and over use.  To exercise that body part as if nothing was wrong  is ridiculous!  It only leads to more pain and longer recovery.

When a part of your body is in pain because of an accident or overuse, under use it or don’t use it at all until the injury has had time to heal.  Some people say that there is pain when you exercise a part that has been injured.  To some degree that is true – so what to do?  Exercise only a little – maybe 5 reps – that’s it until such a time that the part feels stronger and pain lessens as you increase the reps slowly. 

Every day, the body gives us other signals – scan your body several times a day to see what your body is telling you. 

  • Is your jaw clenched?  Release it – what happens?  Does it feel good?  Why is your jaw clenched?
  • Are your shoulders aching?  Does it mean you should take a break, stretch your muscles, massage your shoulders?  Why are your shoulders so sore?
  • Are your toes tightly curled?  Stretch them out – how does that feel?  What’s making your toes curl so tightly? 
  • Are you muscles sore?  Exercised too much the day before?  Need a hot bath or whirlpool to release the muscles? 
  • Do you have a headache?  Is it eyestrain? Or did you over indulge the night before?  Need some water? 
  • Is your mouth parched or are you constipated?  Your body is likely craving water and good fibrous foods.

Every day – several times a day – check your body – what’s it telling you?  You’ll be amazed how easy it is to care for yourself well when all you have to do is to listen to what your body is telling you.  It’s the messenger to your psychological, emotional and physical aspects of yourself.

What’s your body doing?  What’s your body telling you?

Lorraine Arams

Our Time May Be Up – The Bees are Dying

Our time on earth may be up – the bees are dying!  If the bees die, we die – it’s very simple equation!  Why?  Because bees pollinate our plants which give us our food.  No food – no life.

Except for Australia, bees are dying all over the world.  That’s how toxic our earth has become.

Remember the miners who used to take the canary down into the mines to tell them whether there were toxic gases in the mine which would kill them.  If the bird died, then the miners knew it was not safe for them.

The bees are dying on the surface of our earth telling us that we humans are not far behind.  There are places on earth already where humans are trying to do bees’ jobs by hand pollinating the plants – it’s not working very well.  Imagine the millions of flowers in an orchard, in a garden – everywhere.  Imagine if our primary job all over the world would be to pollinate every single flower on earth by hand!

Daily Planet last night had a segment on the extinction of the bees.  It was alarming.  Queen Bees are now being exported from Australia to other parts of the world in an attempt to repopulate the bee colonies.

Think about it people – no bees = no food – worldwide! 

What can you do to help increase the bee population? 

Everyone can help whether you have a balcony or a garden:

  •  plant yellow and purple flowers such as sunflowers, blue bells, clover, etc. to attract the bees to your garden, window box, lawn, etc. 
  • don’t use pesticides on your lawn, gardens, trees – there are alternatives – look for them
  • support your local bee keepers – find them in your area and connect with them – see what you can do to help
  • here are a few sites to give you some information – you’ll see that Haagen Daaz ice cream company has a campaign on their site along with information how you can get involved
  • call your local university and find out if they have information – researchers worldwide are trying to understand the issues and find solutions

It won’t take much to help – please do your part!  It’s time.  The bees have been in trouble for many years now and, globally, it’s a crisis now –  it’s about your life and all the people you love in this world – we must, the people, take charge of our earth!

The 3 Most Important Time Management Tools

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sickSo when can you be sick? Is there a good time?  Never.  Being sick is miserable even if it is only the “common cold” which doesn’t feel so common as you go through the symptoms!

The best thing to do, as we all know, is to avoid it in the first place – easier said than done, isn’t it?  We all know the rules – eat properly, get enough sleep, exercise, take your vitamins daily, and wash your hands a lot.  If only life were so perfect that we never over extend ourselves especially at Christmas or at other holiday times.

Let’s say you get sick – what then?  Some people will deny it as much as possible.  They’ll go to work as usual and pretend it’s just a tough day.  Some people will book off work and stay home.  Others will stay home a day or so and then get back to work.  What’s best?  There is no best in this case.  The ideal is to stay home from the time you become sick to the time you become well.  Most of us don’t have that luxury.  We have x number of sick days if any.  Then we start losing pay.

There really isn’t any solution to this dilemma except win the lottery so you don’t have to go to work.  Aside from that, help yourself – here are some tips:

a)  drink hot water, lemon and honey many times during the day.  Really helps with the vitamins, keeps the body hydrated and the honey helps soothe coughs

b)  rest a few times during the day.  Just tell the boss that you’re not feeling good and you’ll be putting your head down a few times during the day.  When you get tired, just lay your head on your arms at your desk and rest for a few minutes

c)  at lunch hour, try to find a place where you can stretch and rest such as a bench in a public place or, if your boss will allow it, stretch out under your desk; most workplaces won’t allow it for obvious reasons

d)  eat a lot of yogurt to keep the healthy bacteria count high in your system as your body fights off the “bugs”

e)  drink diluted juices such as cranberry juice.  Why diluted?  To reduce the calorie count and give your body some water too which it needs to help clear out the system

f)  ask if you can work 1/2 days for 3 or 4 days – just being to sleep in mornings is often a good remedy

g)  plan nothing – go home after work and rest – that’s all – rest. 

h)  eat light – salads, soup – they’re nourishing and easy to eat.

i)  embrace being sick – don’t deny or fight it – help your body heal with healing thoughts – accept what is and do what you can to help yourself get over it.

j)  Use the day and night products on the market – they really help.  You’ll likely have to try a few types of the capsules because not all of them work equally well for everyone.  For one person, a no-name brand is fine, and for another it isn’t but they really help you get through the day.

k)  This is one time when you don’t exercise – your body needs all its energy to get well.

l)  If your room is dry, add some steam or a humidifier to your room.  A simple pot on the stove with hot water can help but you’ll need to remember not to go to bed with it on.

m)  At home, put some menthol in a pot of hot water – it helps you breathe better if you have a bad cold.  Even Vicks Vapor Rub in a pot of hot water soothes.

Get well!

Lorraine Arams