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 NEWSPAPER CUT OUTHoroscopes are generally positive – they’ll never tell you something horrible – so it’s a good way to start a day – with something positive about what could potentially happen.  Are they generalized?  Yes, of course.  Are they always relevant to your life?  No. 

Yes, I know  – a lot of people think this is hocus pocus.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Astrologers have been hired by heads of state, film stars, VIPs and a host other people.  Are they predictions of what is to be or only warnings of what might happen if you don’t pay attention?

Who knows and who cares – what I can say about reading your horoscope every day is that it often has good news for me or makes me think about something – either way, it’s a positive – and what a great way to start the day – on a positive note!  



baby pictureWe come into this world with nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Not a picnic basket or a set of rules or a manual.  You’d expect at least a manual – but no, you have to spend your life figuring yourself out!  

Eventually, though, we learn to have expectations – we expect to have the perfect prom, the ideal spouse, the great place to live, a smashing car, a high paying job and a host of other wonderful things in our life.

Life doesn’t always fulfill our expectations.  And, eventually, everyone learns that little known fact no matter how many goals you set.  

What if we didn’t have any expectations at all?  What would life be like?

You’d never, ever be disappointed because everything would be a surprise.  Wouldn’t it be easier to accept whatever happens to us? 

Give this little idea a whirl – expect nothing for a day and see what happens.  You might be amazed how wonderful life really is because, without expectations.  You’ll see what is, not how you want everything and everyone to be.



Think about that little known fact

It requires 22 trees to produce the amount of oxygen consumed by one person. (An acre of trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people). This data comes from the Northwest Territories Forest Management site:

So . . . . what do you think of that?  Will you be a little more concerned about trees from now on? 

Your response might be:  there are millions of trees in the world?  Are there?  How many millions of trees do we need to produce enough oxygen for 6 billion people on this earth?  Take 6 billion and divide it by the number of acres required to produce enough oxygen for 18 people to breath – incredible, isn’t it? 

If you need a visual, watch some old movies from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s – notice how few people are on the streets, in cars, in airports – anywhere the movie includes.  Now, watch a modern day movie from the same city – if you have never noticed it before, you will now – it’s astonishing!

There are 36,794,240,000 acres on the earth, 9 trillion of which is water.  Taking into account that you can grow 700 average trees on an acre, you can begin to see the enormity of the issue.  Now think of the other parts of the earth on which you can’t grow trees – high mountain peaks, marshy areas, tundra, North and South Poles, Greenland, deserts . . . . get the picture?

We think we have a lot of space, a lot of trees but really, do we have enough?  Is it any wonder that we have global warming and we are charging forward towards big problems.

Then think about all the pollutants we create – how does that impact the ability for trees to grow?

It’s an important topic – very important to your life and to the lives of those you care about –

When you think about time, think about how long it takes a tree to grow.  Think about how many trees in your town or city have disappeared because of urban sprawl and how many have been replaced.  Think of how much the quality of your life has diminished because all these trees have disappeared.  Is it any wonder that smog is “normal”?

When it comes to time and money, it costs you big time!  How?  Because governments have environmental programs to clean up messes created by whomever.  The more the environment needs cleaning up, the higher your taxes because, let’s face it, without the money from your pocket, governments have no money!  It’s your money they are spending!  A government, per se, has no money.

Next time you see a tree cut – call up city hall and find out when that tree will be replaced – as the smog grows, so will your taxes because all kinds of programs will be necessary to undue the damage just so you can breath!  Quite a thought, isn’t it – so you can breath without the air making you sick or worse, killing you!


You’ve read in a previous blog post that Chris Malta is on a scam busting tour in the US.  He’s a highly successful businessman who is so sick and tired of hearing about people getting scammed, that he is taking his time, money and energy and doing something about it.  See his latest video here:

Nothing, but nothing, wastes more time than dealing with dishonest operators.  I did – with a company in my own home town, Vancouver, BC!  They couldn’t and didn’t deliver what they promised but they certainly kept my money.  They not only have a Vancouver address but one in the US as well.  The amount of time I spent with credit card companies, with the multitude of their reps on emails and over the phone, Better Business Bureau, etc., was unbelievable!

They present their wares in many large cities in expensive hotels, and internet marketing is their calling, in fact, it’s quite blatant.  Their CEO is quoted in many publications  – if only people knew the real story about this company, they wouldn’t be so quick to publish anything from this guy.  

Along with this guy’s signature, the claim is made that they are an internet marketing firm that has helped thousands of people learn to start and run their online business – that’s certainly not true in my case!  

 They also claim that courses has been best selling for ten years – so what?  Lots of people have courses – and some for a lot longer than 10 years.  The real question is:  is it any good?  The answer is no – repackaged and outdated –  how do I know?  I’ve seen two versions – compared them and they were almost exactly the same.

This company hasn’t got a clue how to teach people – their so-called coaches have a script and that’s it – they follow the script no matter what.  If you’re not successful at making money, then it’s your fault.  Of course, it’s not the client’s fault – it’s theirs!  Their lack of ability and capability!  It’s all a sales hype!

Chris Malta is the exact opposite.  Chris answers his own phone and talks to anyone.  You’ll find that Chris is one of those guys on the internet who is honest, fair and trustworthy.  And if you want to start an internet business, Chris is the man to talk to.  His Forum connects people and you are able to at last find a credible path to building your business.  Chris also tells you the truth – cold and hard facts – no snow job here!  He knows business and he tells you there is no shortcut to starting a business.

Support his scam busting tour – let other people know about his efforts to help us all!