You Need a Break – Even from the Things You Love

You need a break even when you love something.

The Set Up

I never really understood this concept until recently.  Some part of me knew it but now I believe it.  It’s internalized deeply today like never before.

I love to work.  I love the constant challenges work brings on a daily basis – it’s mentally stimulating to constantly face challenges and find resolutions or accomplish a task or complete a project successfully.  Success is addictive.  I get quite caught up in accomplishing more and more.

I love to learn too so the combination of learning continuously and applying what I learn is a thrill when it works.  On the other hand, when it doesn’t work, I find out why and I’ve learned something that way too.


The Change

Recently, an unexpected opportunity came up.  My first impulse was to refuse.  Then, I changed my mind.  I was in the middle of a project and felt I just couldn’t leave it.  I did.

And I’m so glad I did!

There is nothing like peace, quiet and nature to recharge me – the more trees, water and animals, the better – being in that kind of environment of beauty and on-going regeneration is energizing.

In the city, we simply don’t realize how much noise we are constantly subjected to day and night.  Even when we think it’ll be a quiet night, something happens.  We go to work and there’s noise – people talking, street working equipment, trucks, cars, hoists, screams and some of us have a continuous stream of “noise” coming from our electronic gadgets – the body and mind is under constant siege.

Today, I am grateful for that break.  I feel refreshed, my creativity has returned full force and I am able to complete parts of the project at lightning speed.  My body feels terrific and my mind is alert and fresh.  Problems are fun again.

We simply don’t realize . . .

Stress creeps up on us.  We don’t realize the effects of stress.  Stress comes from many places in our lives, and it all piles up.  Eventually, like an overloaded piece of machinery, our performance slows, our mind gets cluttered and things move along much more slowly despite exercising, watching our diet and sleeping.


It’s Critical to Find a Place for Rejuvenation

Not everyone rejuvenates the same way.  However, I would venture to say that being surrounded by nature – trees, water and animals – is for everyone.  It reconnects us with our essence and allows us to breath good air.

In the city, the air is filled with chemicals and fumes – our lungs work hard.  In nature, your whole body drinks in the oxygen like a sponge and all of a sudden we have more energy – lots more energy!  In an instant, our body feels better.  Our mind seems clearer.  Food tastes better and we don’t need much of it to feel very satisfied.  Curiosity returns and engagement with people is so pleasant.

A break every couple of months – for a few days – I think is just the right thing to do for the health of your whole being and your whole life – and that message comes from a workaholic!

As a convert, I will put it in my calendar to schedule a few days off in nature every couple of months.  The return on investment is priceless!


The Recipe

You don’t have to believe me – experience it – leave all your electronic gadgets off for a few days – yes, your cell phone too – and give yourself the luxury of a total break (no sneaking out at night to check your email).  Don’t take work with you either and don’t give anyone the number of the place you will be staying at either – no one from the office or your home can reach you.  Take a book with you you’ve always wanted to read and a journal to jot down all of your thoughts and your dreams.  Walk a lot.  Resist going home after two days.  Stay a full five days away from everything including tv and computers.  Just connect with what’s around you.  It’s a simple but difficult process for many in this wild, wild world!  You’ll be glad you too the time for some “nature” therapy!

Lorraine Arams



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