Would You Like to Know Why You Aren’t Achieving Your Goals?

achieving goals

What happened?

You’ve taken the courses.  You’ve done the exercises.  You’ve thought it through.  You’ve written your goals down.  You’ve applied the SMART principles.  And yet . . . year after year, that’s where the goals seem to sit – on paper, going nowhere.

Life takes over.  That’s what many people say.

The deadlines  come and go.  Nothing.

It’s an empty feeling, isn’t it?  Is it the reason most people give up setting goals?  Likely.

Why is it happening to so many people despite the huge amount of material out there?

Would you like to know why you and others are not achieving those goals which have been neatly and carefully written?

The reasons are many, of course.  All people have some reason, not all the same.  And, each year there seems to be different reasons why not much has been accomplished towards achieving goals.

The last time you took a course or read a book, you thought for sure, this time, you would get there.  When you’re relaxed, everything seems possible.  Then, the pile ups happen.  All kinds of things happen.  Often, it has to do with work and health.  Long hours at work, even for a few months, can throw everything else out the window.  Or your health is impacted or someone else’s.  All of a sudden, it’s chaos.  You barely have the time to do laundry!

What has happened to your goals?  Can you even find them?

And that’s the problem with most goal setting courses and systems – you set a lot of goals in various parts of your life and, of course, even after all the terrific exercises are done, your life is still there – nothing has changed.  All that has happened is that you’ve invested time in this exercise, hoping you can do something to get your dreams to meet reality!

That’s the rub – you’ve still got a full life so how do you put all of those new things into it and expect to achieve them all?  You can’t.  That’s the truth.  It’s impossible.

The reason is simple:  your life was full before you began setting goals and it is still full after it.  Goals require attention and work.  Where will you fit them all in?

Every single goal needs work and work takes time.  That time may or may not be available in your current schedule. This is the point where most people fall flat – making room for the work involved in achieving a goal.

Let’s say you want to take up golf as your exercise this year.  An average round of golf takes at least 4 hours or more.  Where will you fit it  in?  Where will you fit in:  finding a reputable instructor, attending classes, practicing on the range, playing with friends, buying clubs and other equipment you’ll need.  It’s a great goal but where, in your schedule, will you find the time?

If you were already doing it and it was part of your regular schedule, it wouldn’t be a goal, would it?

That’s why I believe most people fail. They simply have not taken into account the time factors.  Then, they feel like failures and, year after year, they try again until one year, they simply give up.

If you want to try one more time, try the system I offer you for free on my blog.  It’s a blend of something old and something new, designed to assure that you reach your goals in the future the time management way.

I hope you do try it.  Do let me know how it works out for you.  Just that one little tweak contained in this system may just make the difference between achieving even one goal this year or achieving none – give it a shot.  Once you have achieved one goal, it’s so much easier to achieve the next and the next and the next.  Big goals don’t seem so onerous any longer – and your confidence rises – success builds upon success!

Lorraine Arams

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