Are You Achieving your Goals? Why? Try This New Approach

Are you achieving your goals?  Why?  What do you think is stopping you from reaching them? 

Or do you just like the dreaming and that’s enough for you?  After all, you likely have most everything you want in any case – job, family, friends, money and free time to enjoy your hobbies.  And that’s okay – it’s okay to have fun dreaming of possibilities.

For those of you who do set goals or New Year’s Resolutions, are you struggling to turn your dreams into goals and goals into reality?

If so, why not try a new approach based on time management. 

Stats haven’t changed much in years – 3% of the population achieve their goals – that means a whopping 97% of people who set goals never realize them.  Isn’t that amazing? 

It’s not because there are no courses, books, systems or loads of information, because there are  – you just need to go on Amazon and search goals – you’ll be amazed how much there is available.

So I asked myself why?  Why don’t people achieve their goals?  Is it because they really don’t want them but it’s a fun exercise to dream?  Perhaps.  Is it because their lives change and what seemed important at one time, isn’t so any longer?  Perhaps.  Is it that they really don’t want to read a 300-page book on attaining goals and apply the principles?  Perhaps.  Is it because the course is fun to take but, like so many things, learn and forget?  Perhaps.

Or it could be something else.  I thought it might be something else.

So I’ve created a new system based on some old principles used in books and courses plus I’ve added a new twist to the process.  This new twist combines several principles into a step-by-step system that I believe will allow people to achieve their goals.  It certainly has helped me get and stay on track. 

Staying on track with goals is the most difficult part.  Just like so many things in life, there are obstacles and, if there is no immediate loss, then goals take a back seat to potential losses which are immediately apparent.

It’s a 17-page fast read and fast implementation process  – at no cost to you!  That’s right – no cost.  It won’t cost you a cent.  However, I’d appreciate it if you would give me feedback how the system is working for you.    All you have to do is visit my site at  You’ll find a box on the right hand side – fill it in and you’ll receive a download. 

Try it – you might like it! 

Lorraine Arams
Time is your Life!

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