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Wize Time – are you using your time wisely?

Do we understand what time is?

Every day, somewhere, someone says one of two things,

“I wish I had more time” or

“I just never have enough time to get it all done”.

We chase after time management systems – use them – drop them and start our own.  When we become stressed, we look for another system, use it and drop that one too.

What’s really at the root of our time crunch? Is it today’s world?  Or is it something entirely different.

In this blog, time is the star!

Time will be looked at from various points of view and turned on its head.  Some of the posts on this blog may be controversial – some will become an aha moment for you and some will be . . . . well . . . .you decide.

Time, like silence surrounds us every moment of our breathing lives and beyond.

Having worked in management and been involved in a lot of volunteer activities, I’ve experienced the many different manifestations of how people view and use time.  We don’t always see the obvious and get so wrapped up in our “life’s funnel”, we have difficulty seeing past it.

You’ll find some tips – you’ll find some articles – some products – some services – but mainly, I hope, you’ll find something much more important – your personal relationship with time and define it for yourself.

We’ll explore the “you” in the dimension of time – who are you, how best do you work, what time is the best time for all that you do, what will you have to give up, what’s your story – where did you “collect” your notions of yourself and how you use your time?  What do you want to change if anything?  Are you okay?

Where you’ve been, where you are and where you are going – it should be quite a journey! But, through this lens, you’ll see what I mean – there’s much more to time than seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and years – it’s all about you!

If you need a workshop in your company I offer workshops on time and stress management on the job.  I’m also developing a course online on time management – stay tuned!

Lorraine Arams

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